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Citi Freight Logistics is a fast growing and dynamic company providing an array of world-class freight forwarding services. As a privately owned and independent company, we pride ourselves on being able to provide with the best solutions necessary for any kind of shipments. Over the years, we have built relationships and are able to offer you the most efficient way to get your goods delivered to their final destination securely.

CFL supports clients in their daily work by helping them overcome their logistical constraints. CFL is committed to creating benchmarks of quality and consistency. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are able to help you with streamlining your current freight operations and we are constantly investing in today’s technology to become a leader for our competitors to imitate. We are recognized for our expertise and mastery of all aspects of the supply chain, as we serve as a real growth partner for our clients. With our five lines of business (Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution Warehousing, And Transportation), we are able to provide tailor-made solutions to our customers.

For us, logistics is not just a service but an opportunity to create solutions that empower businesses globally. Our international Air and Ocean Freight forwarding services are considered among the best in different parts of the world. These services comprise of end-to-end logistics management solution that reduces transportation search costs, accelerates decision-making, and improves communication among all parties through the supply chain.

Our Director's Message


Mr. Ajay Jani



Mr. Amit Jain


We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who strive to provide end to end best services to our customers. We believe at the core of logistics is to provide the best customer experience and service at the best rates available and that is what our company strives hard to achieve. Our customers are our top priority. Our customer retention strategy is helping us to achieve continuous growth in the rapidly changing industry. Each of our team members pays his full attention to retaining & satisfying our customers by providing an additional level of service, finer rates, and open express communication. Our most valuable assets are our employees. We can’t perform well without the wholehearted engagement of our employees. Our company is committed to providing them the proper shipping training and keeping them informed of the changes in the logistics industry related to their job. Most of our team members have more than 15 years of full-time experience in Air and Ocean shipping. Some of our employees have in-depth knowledge of heavy equipment cargo, assembling, dismantling, and shipping it inland and across the ocean.

Our aim is to emerge as a leading company by providing our best services in the competitive logistic market. We look forward to your continued support and guidance

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